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🖊 To-Go Pen

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Your new travel buddy.

  • Same clinically proven formulas, now easily portable
  • Fits neatly into purses, toiletry bags, and backpacks
  • For weddings, date nights, job interviews, and everything else in-between
  • Vegan & cruelty-free

Package Protection

Covers Damage, Loss & Theft for $0.98

  • “More convenient, affordable, and, perhaps most important of all, not at all irritating.”

  • “A pain-free and powerful LED teeth whitening experience”

  • “The most affordable and innovative teeth-whitening solution”

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1) Brush your teeth for at-least 2 minutes, ideally with a whitening toothpaste.

2) Dry your teeth of excess saliva.

3) Remove cap and twist bottom of pen counter-clockwise until gel appears at the tip of the brush.

4) Apply pen to the outer layer of your teeth evenly. Twist as needed to dispense additional gel.

5) Leave on teeth for at least 60 seconds without closing your mouth. For optimal results, use daily until finished and wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

Clinical Results

From a 2020 study of 34 participants using Formula ID: 8-16 by SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company:

- 100% reported an increase in whiteness

- 0% reported an increase in sensitivity

- 74% increase in brightness on average, after 6 treatments (87% after 14 treatments)

- 7.2 improvement in shade on average, after 6 treatments

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Our suite of professional-grade formulas is perfect for all levels:

Everyday (Formula ID: 8-16)—for those with mild to moderate sensitivity. Our most popular formula, recommended starting point for most.

Super Strength (Formula ID: 8-17)—for those without any sensitivity.

Gentle (Formula ID: 19-2)—for those with severe sensitivity.


How long does the pen last for?

Depends on usage. If used daily, each pen should last roughly 2 weeks. Results can be immediately noticeable, and lasts months depending on your diet and brushing habits. We recommend users to re-whiten every 3-4 months or as-needed to maintain a shine all year round. Learn more about why teeth yellow, and how teeth whitening works.

Can I use Laughland with veneers, caps, implants, bridges, or bonded teeth?

Veneers, caps, implants, bonding or bridges aren’t designed to be whitened, however Laughland can whiten the surrounding teeth to maintain the same shade as your dental work.

How does the subscription work?

We offer a flexible subscription to save you the trouble of re-ordering manually.

Our subscriptions can be cancelled anytime, and will send you a reminder before shipping. You can manage your subscription via your account or by emailing us at anytime.

  • "Whether she’s an avid coffee drinker, a fan of red wine, or just wishes her smile were brighter, Laughland will unveil the whitest teeth she’s ever had."

  • “Super simple and kinda fun, to be honest”

  • “Something to smile about”

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Name a more iconic duo.

Coffee and cigarettes? Meet your match. The At-Home Kit + To-Go Pen bundle is the perfect combo for any situation, anywhere.

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