Whitening 101

Whitening 101

Whitening 101

Whitening 101

Whitening 101

Why Do Teeth Yellow?

Teeth discoloration is caused by the staining of the pigments on the surface of your teeth enamel. Additionally, your teeth can become discolored from enamel deterioration which wears down enamel and reveals the yellow dentin underneath.
Staining and wear are caused by a confluence of the following factors:



Acidic & Dark colored foods and drinks like pasta sauce, curry, berries, wine, coffee, soda soften the enamel and allow the dark-colored pigments to penetrate and stain your enamel.



Nicotine, tar, and tobacco smoke will stain your enamel leaving a yellow-to-brownish hue.

Poor Oral Hygiene


Brushing & flossing your teeth daily is extremely important in removing the buildup of plaque and tartar. Miss just a few days and you’ll notice a big difference in your teeth’ color!



Unfortunately as you get older, your enamel naturally wears and breaks down over time, so it’s extremely important to take care of your teeth while you can!

How Does It Work?

Chemical bleaching removes stains by penetrating both surface-level stains on the enamel as well as deep stains in the tooth. Our active ingredients penetrates the surface of the tooth enamel and break down the chromogen that cause stains. This oxidization process removes surface stains and discoloration, leading to a brighter and even appearance of the teeth.
It is both more effective, and gentler on your teeth for the long run and is thus the most common method employed by dentists and at-home DIY solutions.
The blue light device in our kit is known as a curing light. This LED curing light catalyzes the molecules in the bleaching agent, leading to faster and longer-lasting change in color.

Physical abrasion target superficial stains by physically scraping off the pigment that has built upon the surface of your teeth. This is the primary function of teeth whitening toothpaste and can be effective up to a certain degree, however lacks the ability to penetrate and remove deeper. embedded stains in hard-to-reach surfaces leading to a less noticeable difference.

Not all whitening is Created Equal

DIY Dentist Us
Custom Formulas
<15 Minute Treatments
No Expensive & Painful Office Visits
Lifetime Guarantee
Price $100 $250~1.5k $19/mo

Whiten with Science, Not Gimmicks

Our advanced whitening formulas are dentist formulated and rigorously tested.
Laughland is proven in clinical studies to whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades in just 6 days.

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