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Complete The Set

To-Go Whitening Pen

To-Go Whitening Pen

  • Everything you need for a bright smile that never dulls.
  • Everything you need for a bright smile that never dulls.
  • Whitening kit includes a LED light and 3 personalized whitening gels.
  • Whitening kit includes a LED light and 3 personalized whitening gels.
  • Dentist made, sensitivity-free teeth whitening powered by your phone.
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πŸ” Refill Kit

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Your Whitening Formula

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Whitening Gels
1-2 Months Supply
Recurring Cost

Ingredients That Work For You

Clinically tested ingredients backed by science.

Results that Shine

User Since February 2021

Customer Profile
😣 Medium Sensitivity
🍷 Wine Drinker
🦷 Years of Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 8-16, Hydrogen Peroxide 8%
β€œI had to come here to say something. Normally I have excruciating pain with crest white strips and this other brand I got from the dentist. Both of which didn’t whiten my teeth very much. So, I had low hopes for Laughland. I got the formula made for highest sensitivity, and I left it on for I think 12 minutes. Just after the first day my teeth look 2 shades whiter. I’m actually really shocked. Usually the sensitivity hits me several hours after whitening my teeth, and it’s now the next morning and I guess I’m all clear. Thanks Laughland!”

User Since March 2021

Customer Profile
😣 High Sensitivity
β˜• Coffee Addict
🦷 Light-Brown Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 19-2, Sodium Bicarbonate 23%
I look at my teeth in shock almost daily now. I can’t believe how well this product works, and it’s lasting without daily use. I will forever have this in my closet.

User Since January 2023

Customer Profile
πŸ˜„ Zero Sensitivity
β˜• Light Coffee Drinker
🦷 Deep Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 8-17, Hydrogen Peroxide 11%
Hands down the best whitening system I have ever used! I was skeptical at first because I have veneers but this was able to whiten the rest of my teeth to almost as white as those! It was so fast and easy. I already ordered a refill pack!

A Brighter Smile Starts Today

While our personalized formulas have proven to whiten teeth by 7+ shades in under a week, whitening is like skincare - a continuous, ongoing process. Daily habits + natural aging will bring back those unwanted stains back.The only way to a consistent bright smile is ritual. We’ll be with you every shade of the way!

Believe The Hype

Consumer Testing Results
  • 100%

    100% of clinical participants reported whiter teeth after only 6 treatments.

  • 74%

    Clinical participants reported, on average, a 74% increase in teeth brightness.

  • 0%

    0% of clinical participants reported an increase in sensitivity after whitening.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Wickham
Great Product Alert

This dental whitener over delivers and I suggest that anyone that needs help with their teeth to pick this item up.

Paula Brinson

I am very happy with the whitening kit. It is easy to use and my teeth are visibly lighter.

Carrie Grey
White teeth

I really like the Laughland Kit . Terr is no pain to my gums like other whiteners. .

Carlos Tavares


adalys figueroa centeno

Súper😍 súper 🀩Bueno !!!!!