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Fairly Sensitive
Wine Drinker
Years of Stains
New to Whitening

Tyler V.

Minimal Sensitivity
Coffee Lover
Light Stains
Disappointed with Strips

Natalie L.

Highly Sensitive
Light Stains
Obsessed with Oral Hygiene

Gabby P.

Made For Your Smile

Your smile deserves better than a one size fits all solution.

We take factors like sensitivity, cavity history, and your diet into account in order to create the fastest, most effective and sensitivity-free formula for your smile. A generic formula could never!

A Bright Smile Shouldn't Be A Luxury

  • 🦷 7+ shade brighter in 6 days
  • 🪥 Quick & simple 10 minute routine
  • 👌 Tweak your formula anytime, for free
  • 💸 Start for just $19

The Perfect Smile Starts Today

Our dentist approved, clinically backed ingredients work to whiten teeth by 7+ shades in your initial 6 day treatment. But whitening is like skincare - a continuous, ongoing process. See how others use Laughland in their routine.

User Since February 2021

Customer Profile
😣 Medium Sensitivity
🍷 Wine Drinker
🦷 Years of Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 8-16, Hydrogen Peroxide 8%
“I had to come here to say something. Normally I have excruciating pain with crest white strips and this other brand I got from the dentist. Both of which didn’t whiten my teeth very much. So, I had low hopes for Laughland. I got the formula made for highest sensitivity, and I left it on for I think 12 minutes. Just after the first day my teeth look 2 shades whiter. I’m actually really shocked. Usually the sensitivity hits me several hours after whitening my teeth, and it’s now the next morning and I guess I’m all clear. Thanks Laughland!”

User Since March 2021

Customer Profile
😣 High Sensitivity
Coffee Addict
🦷 Light-Brown Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 19-2, Sodium Bicarbonate 23%
I look at my teeth in shock almost daily now. I can’t believe how well this product works, and it’s lasting without daily use. I will forever have this in my closet.

User Since January 2023

Customer Profile
😄 Zero Sensitivity
Light Coffee Drinker
🦷 Deep Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 8-17, Hydrogen Peroxide 11%
Hands down the best whitening system I have ever used! I was skeptical at first because I have veneers but this was able to whiten the rest of my teeth to almost as white as those! It was so fast and easy. I already ordered a refill pack!

Science, Not Gimmicks

Better ingredients that actually work. We were tired of whitening products that claimed to be pain-free and effective but were neither. Our dental advisory board hand-selects ingredients and formulas to make your smile shine.

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Lab Innovation

Natural Ingredients

Proven Performance