• ⚡️ At-Home Whitening Kit

    Ultra-effective whitening kit powered by your phone. Enamel safe & sensitivity free.

    $100 - Select formula 
  • 🪄 To-Go Pen

    A pocket-sized whitening pen that fits neatly into purses, toiletry bags, and backpacks.

    $30 - Select formula 
  • 🔁 Refill Kit

    Refill gels for your at-home kit, helping you maintain your radiance all year round.

    $25 - Select formula 
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Confidence in your purchase & your smile.

We've spent years creating an advanced suite of clinically proven formulas for all sensitivity levels.

With Laughland you'll always have the option to customize your order by selecting the right professional-quality formula for your smile.

  • Formula ID: 19-2

    A gentle & effective formula proven to whiten teeth without irritation, sensitivity, or enamel damage.

    For individuals with severe sensitivity.

  • Formula ID: 8-16

    Our most popular formula for everyday stain removal and color correction.

    For individuals with mild or moderate sensitivity.

  • Formula ID: 8-17

    Our groundbreaking super-formula for faster results at removing years of deep, embedded stains
    For individuals with no history of sensitivity.

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WFH — Whitening from Home.

Professional quality whitening from your couch using our clinically proven formulas and a powerful LED powered by your phone.

Select your formula

Everything you need.

A beautifully designed package that's more than just looks. Inside is everything you need — your customized formula, a blue light applicator, iPhone & Android compatible adapters, and simple instructions on how to get started.

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Why the blue light?

🔆 We use powerful LED lights, called curing lights, to speed up the reaction time of your treatment and achieve the same results you can expect from the dentist.

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