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Select the color that most closely matches your teeth shade.

How often do you brush your teeth daily?

How often do you eat or drink foods that stain your teeth?

How sensitive are your teeth?

Do you use tobacco products?

Any cavities, gum infections that we should know about?

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Meet the world's only personalized teeth whitening kit

Forget strips. Skip the dentist. At-home custom teeth whitening powered by your phone.

✨ It’s fast, pain-free, and actually works

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Welcome to Laughland!

Laughland is the only whitening product that is tailored to your unique smile. We take into account dozens of factors like your teeth’s sensitivity, brushing habits, and diet to create the fastest acting, most effective, and completely sensitivity-free formula for your smile.

See results in as little as 5 minutes a day,
for 6 days ⚡️

Your whitening journey begins here.

✏️ Tell us about your smile over a short 60 second quiz

✨ We’ll create the perfect formula based on your responses

🙌 Use daily for 6 days and be amazed

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✨ Unique,
just like your smile

Just had a cavity filled? Does drinking cold water hurt your teeth? Tell us about it!

We’ll consider these factors and more to create the perfect formula for you.

Jasmine B.


Profile Highlights:

  • No history of sensitivity
  • Deep stains
  • Current teeth shade: 8



Peroxide agent

Hydrogen peroxide formula



PAP ingredients


Refreshing mint

+ Pomegranate extract

Jasmine model holding the kit

The perfect Cabernet Sauvignon pair 🥂

Red underline for design

A weekend sommelier, Jasmine wanted to remove years of deep wine stains.

She uses Laughland to whiten her smile by 8+ shades in just 6 days.

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As little as 5 minutes a day 🚀

Each treatment can last as long as you need, and as short as just 5 minutes.

That’s just enough to get through a couple of TikToks, or the recap of the last episode of the Bachelor.

Zoe P.


Profile Highlights:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Mild stains
  • Current teeth shade: 5



Super gentle

Sodium bicarbonate formula



PAP ingredients


Calm & soothing

Chamomile extract

Addison model with a facemask holding Laughland kit

A true grin changer 😁

Tired of one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf products that damaged her teeth, Zoe wanted a formula that doesn’t hurt and actually works. Crazy right?

Almost 80% of our users have experienced sensitivity from other, one-size-fits-all whitening products. Yikes!

Pomegranate image
Laughland kit in front of flowers

Made with natural ingredients

We use natural ingredients like pomegranate, chamomile flower, aloe vera, and menthol to deliver a fresh, minty experience

Cruelty-free + vegan

Animals are for loving, not for testing.
Rest assured, no animals were harmed in the making of this product.

“The most affordable and innovative teeth-whitening solution”

Happy you, happier us.

We started Laughland because we were tired of whitening products that claimed to be pain-free but actually hurt, or claimed to be effective but didn’t work.

If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with the results we'll happily tweak your formula so it's perfect for you – email us anytime!

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Quick & simple 5 minute routine for just 6 days

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Custom formula designed to your unique needs, from sensitivity to diet

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Fast-acting active ingredients that whiten by 6+ shades in just one week

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Tweak your formula anytime, free of charge

Start today for  $70  $35

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Give it a shot! You will be just as impressed as I am. The best part, aside from a beaming smile, is that I experienced NO tooth sensitivity or pain!

Laughland customer photo

Harrison Miao

Austin, Texas

I had professionally whitened my teeth years ago. After some time, my teeth became too sensitive to continue. I used over the counter whitening strips but never really saw results. I tried glowup after reading reviews. After the first treatment, I honestly saw results and no tooth sensitivity.

Laughland customer photo
Laughland customer photo


Thank you, for bringing my best smile ever!

Laughland customer photo

Katie Watson

Philadelphia, PA

I pretty much bought this on a whim & I'm so happy that I did. It’s so easy to use & I saw results the same day I tried it! I’m excited to see how much brighter and whiter my teeth will get!

Laughland customer photo


April 11, 2021

I absolutely love glowup! It has whitened my teeth far batter than any product I’ve used, and that includes what I purchased from my dentist! Can’t wait for my next order! I love smiling again!

Laughland customer photo

Kait Hermer

Ann Arbor, MI

The instructions were super easy to use and I had no sensitivity to my teeth, which normally happens. 10 minutes a day for 6 days and I saw a dramatic change in my teeth color!

Laughland customer photo


Even my dentist liked it! Great product. My dentist commented on how much she like the color of my teeth! My only gripe is not with the product itself but the instructions that come with it…the tiniest font ever selected. Has to be 8 pt lol

Laughland customer photo

Halo Pan

Los Angeles, CA

There was absolutely no sensitivity for me with my formula. I’m even upgrading to a stronger one hoping I’ll tolerate it! It’s well worth the money.

Laughland customer photo

Claire Gaka

Seattle, WA

My teeth are sensitive to EVERYTHING... extreme nerve pain sensitive. I wanted to whiten my teeth for my engagement photos and this is a perfect solution!!! Whitening without the pain!

Laughland customer photo
Laughland customer photo


Great price, great product, AMAZING customer service!

Laughland customer photo

Lynsey Rivera

Charlotte, NC

I've had 3 treatments starting in August, and my partner said he can tell the difference. I went to the dentist for my regular cleaning, and the hygienist said my teeth were a beautiful color. I'm really pleased!

Laughland customer photo

Kendall Simons

Chicago, IL

“I. Hate. Whitening. Kits. Except this one. It's easy to use, doesn't create a huge mess, is comfortable (even for small-mouthed folks like me!) Plus, it's SO EFFECTIVE. Worth every penny.”

Laughland customer photo
Laughland customer photo


I really enjoyed the product. I got the results I wanted without any side effects. I will definitely be using again.

Laughland customer photo


March 2nd, 2021

I gotta say, I heard about this product on Buzzfeed and was kinda skeptical. Ever since I had my braces removed like a million years ago, I had this one spot that had been "patched" and always made me self-conscious. I loved knowing that Glow-up does customized mixes and gave it a chance. I am incredibly happy with my results. Even my daughter (who is always honest with me) said, "Mom, your teeth really do look whiter!" I'm sold!