Complete the set. Cancel stains on the go.

Complete the set.

Cancel stains on the go.



To-Go Whitening Pen

Like a Tide pen for your teeth. Perfect for quick touch-ups on the road, right before a date, interview or meeting.



To-Go Whitening Pen
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Laughland® Whitening Kit

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Your Whitening Formula
Whitening Gel
Gel Applicators
LED Mouthpiece With Power Cord

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Whitening Gels
1-2 Months Supply
Recurring Cost
🌱 Clean Ingredients
🌞 7+ Shades Whiter
😖 No Sensitivity or Irritation
🗓 Flexible Subscription

  1. Brush teeth, dry them of excess saliva.
  2. Apply gel to LED mouthpiece and plug it into to an electronic device.
  3. Wear mouthpiece for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece under warm water before storing.

You should see immediate results! For optimal results, repeat every day, for 6 days.

Ingredients That Work For You

Clinically tested ingredients backed by science.

Results that Shine

User Since February 2021

Customer Profile
😣 Medium Sensitivity
🍷 Wine Drinker
🦷 Years of Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 8-16, Hydrogen Peroxide 8%
“I had to come here to say something. Normally I have excruciating pain with crest white strips and this other brand I got from the dentist. Both of which didn’t whiten my teeth very much. So, I had low hopes for Laughland. I got the formula made for highest sensitivity, and I left it on for I think 12 minutes. Just after the first day my teeth look 2 shades whiter. I’m actually really shocked. Usually the sensitivity hits me several hours after whitening my teeth, and it’s now the next morning and I guess I’m all clear. Thanks Laughland!”

User Since March 2021

Customer Profile
😣 High Sensitivity
Coffee Addict
🦷 Light-Brown Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 19-2, Sodium Bicarbonate 23%
I look at my teeth in shock almost daily now. I can’t believe how well this product works, and it’s lasting without daily use. I will forever have this in my closet.

User Since January 2023

Customer Profile
😄 Zero Sensitivity
Light Coffee Drinker
🦷 Deep Stains
Personalized Whitening Formula
Formula 8-17, Hydrogen Peroxide 11%
Hands down the best whitening system I have ever used! I was skeptical at first because I have veneers but this was able to whiten the rest of my teeth to almost as white as those! It was so fast and easy. I already ordered a refill pack!

A Brighter Smile Starts Today

While our personalized formulas have proven to whiten teeth by 7+ shades in under a week, whitening is like skincare - a continuous, ongoing process. Daily habits + natural aging will bring back those unwanted stains back.The only way to a consistent bright smile is ritual. We’ll be with you every shade of the way!

Believe The Hype

Consumer Testing Results
  • 100%

    100% of clinical participants reported whiter teeth after only 6 treatments.

  • 74%

    Clinical participants reported, on average, a 74% increase in teeth brightness.

  • 0%

    0% of clinical participants reported an increase in sensitivity after whitening.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Kim C.
Finally a whitening product that works

It’s like a magic eraser for your teeth. stains out. Shine in. I've tried strips, charcoal, colgate whitening pens but nothing works like this.

I can smile with teeth again!!

Jackie Schaffer
noticeable difference

It's only been a full week of whitening (3 treatments) with the starter kit, and I already notice a big difference. The first day there was a bit of patchy whiteness in my front teeth but it went away after the second treatment. It looks a lot whiter, make sure not to drink coffee while do 6 day treatment is going on.

Julia Mason
I’m a believer

I was pretty skeptical that this whitening system would work, especially when the $500 kit my dentist sold me didn’t seem to make any difference. I wondered how such an inexpensive whitening kit could do what all the reviewers were saying it could do. But since it was a small financial investment, I was willing to try it.

I took a “before” photo, and then did the six daily treatments for 30 minutes each day. I didn’t really notice a difference. HOWEVER, after the sixth day I took an “after” photo, and that’s when I saw that it really worked! I highly recommend that other customers take the before and after photos. It isn’t easy to see a change day by day because it is gradual, but with before, and after photos, it becomes obvious that the kit really works! I will continue to order the whitening gel’s every few months to keep up my new, shiny white teeth.

Leslie S
Impressive and Easy!

I love the Laughland system. I saw a noticeable difference after just one use. I am excited that they offer this as a subscription so that I can continue to maintain my whitening without any sensitivity!!

Jimena Pena
Great for Sensitive Teeth!

I’ve done 6 treatments and have noticeable brighter teeth. These were not painful at all! I would recommend you try it. You won’t regret it.