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Custom Whitening Kit

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Your Whitening Formula
Whitening Gel
Gel Applicators
LED Mouthpiece With Power Cord

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Whitening Gels
1-2 Months Supply
Recurring Cost
🌱 Clean Ingredients
🌞 7+ Shades Whiter
😖 No Sensitivity or Irritation
🗓 Flexible Subscription

  1. Brush teeth, dry them of excess saliva.
  2. Apply gel to LED mouthpiece and plug it into to an electronic device.
  3. Wear mouthpiece for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece under warm water before storing.

You should see immediate results! For optimal results, repeat every day, for 6 days.

Ingredients That Work For You

Clinically tested ingredients backed by science.

A Brighter Smile Starts Today

While our personalized formulas have proven to whiten teeth by 7+ shades in under a week, whitening is like skincare - a continuous, ongoing process. Daily habits + natural aging will bring back those unwanted stains back.The only way to a consistent bright smile is ritual. We’ll be with you every shade of the way!

Believe The Hype

Consumer Testing Results
  • 100%

    100% of clinical participants reported whiter teeth after only 6 treatments.

  • 74%

    Clinical participants reported, on average, a 74% increase in teeth brightness.

  • 0%

    0% of clinical participants reported an increase in sensitivity after whitening.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Daisy Alvarado
Loved it!

It really does work!! I was kind of hesitant, but oh wow!!

Melissa Green
It works!

I did the process for 20 minutes the first 4 days and than experienced some mild sensitivity. I did 5 min the next 2 days. My teeth look white! Great and easy product to use.

Lekesha Dunlop
Does not work with Samsung Galaxy 22

Unfortunately the light does not work with my current phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy 22. It does work with Samsung 8, which I borrowed to test it out.

Miatta Davis
love it!

so simple & quick results, i love the packaging as well.

Martha Ramirez