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Kayla Keen
best product ive used

so ive tried a few whitening products in the past, including toothpaste and strips, but this by far works the best. my teeth being yellow has always been my biggest insecurity but im so glad that they could help me with it. the best part is that its supper affordable especially after u get the led light thing. if youre considering it its definitely a really good choice:)

Ashley R.
Prompt customer service

When my replacement order got lost, I emailed customer service and got a prompt response and replacement right away. Fantastic customer service, much appreciated!!

Emily Bryson
Easy and effective!

Love this way of whitening so far! Just started and it’s so effective and no sensitivity concerns.

Alex from MN
Works better than strips

I thought this works better than strips. My teeth are a little sensitive and I don’t know what strength I had, but this stuff didn’t bother me and definitely whitened my teeth a couple shades. It doesn’t fit quite right but it’s tolerable.

Joshua Engel
Even my dentist liked it!

Great product. My dentist commented on how much she like the color of my teeth! My only gripe is not with the product itself but the instructions that come with it…the tiniest font ever selected. Has to be 8 pt lol