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caitlin kelleher

Super easy to use. My mom commented on my teeth looking whiter.

Best I have used!

I have used a lot of different teeth whitening products. Some I thought improved the color of my teeth. Products including Crest Whitening Strips, Charcoal, Whitening toothpaste and Whitening gels. Nothing, as in absolutely none of them, whitened my teeth compared to what Glowup did (even after using those products for months and years). I could see a major difference in the whiteness of my teeth after the very first use. Now, after using the product for 3 months my teeth look professionally whitened with my teeth being milk white. And to add to that there has been no discomfort nor irritations. With all that said, I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Kaitlin Henderson
Whitening without the pain!

I love how this product whitens without any pain. I have tried strip whiteners but they all cause a good deal of sensativity. This doesnt!

Love it!

This was my first time using a kit like this, Iโ€™d only ever used strips or whitening pens. The kit was easy to use, and I canโ€™t wait for my next order. I saw results within 2 treatments, and my friends have been asking me what I did. The Secrets out!

Kayla Keen
best product ive used

so ive tried a few whitening products in the past, including toothpaste and strips, but this by far works the best. my teeth being yellow has always been my biggest insecurity but im so glad that they could help me with it. the best part is that its supper affordable especially after u get the led light thing. if youre considering it its definitely a really good choice:)